Soil Stabilization

  • Tackifying topsoil
  • Erosion control matting

Seasonal Requirements

  • Winter early access – snowmaking, freeze down, snow fill
  • Summer monitoring – fire patrol, wet weather management
  • Year round pipeline access – installation, removal, matting Right of Ways, roads, shooflies, etc.


  • Environmental compliance support – water withdrawal, discharge, sampling
  • Supply equipment – test heads, pigging heads, pumps, compressors, recorders, pigs, etc.

Provide Materials

  • Erosion control and sediment control devices
  • Custom made and stocked trailers – fire, spill, ECD, frac
  • Spill kits – 45 drums, vehicle, equipment


Maintenance Services: ​

Continual Support

  • Landowner, special interest groups, stakeholder issues 
  • Trench issues (subsidence, compaction)
  • Vegetation control, establishment 
  • Maintain social license  

Emergency Response

  • Integrity work
  • Utility crew for spill response


  • Mitigation of environmental features – aware of construction methods, features to avoid
  • Preconstruction plan submittals – traffic plans, watercourse crossing, ERP, water withdrawal
  • Cost estimating – reclamation needs


  • Erosion Control Device installation
  • Utility crew labour and management
  • Monitoring 

Utility Crew 

  • Maintain ECDs
  • Setup/maintain pump and bypass systems
  • Water withdraw, surface water management, pump offs
  • Spill and environmental response 
  • Fencing


  • Equipment wash stations
  • Design, document, manage
Years of Experience 

Post Construction Services: 


  • Creek bank restoration
  • Revegetation and weed control
  • Slope stabilization
  • Final cleanup including earthworks


  • Transitioning to operations
  • Right of way deficiency identification, remedy

Construction Services:

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